Maintenance Checks Every Landlord Must Conduct Before Winter Sets in



Buildings can take a severe beating during the cold winter months and as a landlord, it is your duty to get your building winter-ready for your tenants. A well-maintained house will keep your tenants safe and keep problems and accidents at bay.

Here is a list of the top property maintenance checks that landlords must conduct before winter sets in:

  • Sealing all cracks and crevices
    Over time, the walls of your building will develop cracks. During winter, these cracks and crevices may invite unwanted guests into your house. Hibernating creatures seek warm, well-insulated places and may make a nest for themselves in your home in the crevices and breaks in your building.It’s important for landlords to seal all cracks in the walls, under the plumbing, and on the roof. Not only will you keep the pests out, you will also ensure that there is no water or slush leakage anywhere.
  • Furnace and boiler repairs
    Heating is essential during winter and it’s extremely important to have a properly functioning furnace or boiler on the property. Make sure to have the furnace and boiler physically inspected by your servicing company. If there is any corrosion, water/gas leakage or rust in your boiler and furnace, have them either replaced or repaired.
  • Garden and backyard cleaning
    Rotten leaves and an iced-up ground is a deadly combination. Remember to have all your trees inspected and have all the rotten leaves and flowers removed from your yard.It’s best to even check the tree branches and roots for rottenness.
  • Revamping the insulation
    Have the insulation in your property checked by professionals. If the insulation isn’t effective, have it re-done immediately. These days you have a wide option of insulating materials to choose from, such as foam boards, insulating concrete, insulated panels and more. Check the walls, the pipes, and basement for insulation repairs.
  • Window repairs
    Drafts coming in through the windows can make your house chilly and stack up your heating bills. It’s best to check your windows before the cold months begin. Check the weather stripping to see if it’s in good condition. You may even need to re-caulk areas of your house where the seal doesn’t work anymore.

You could even consider having your windows remodelled with double-pane windows. These are more hard-wearing and highly insulating.

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