Shopping for Online Home Mortgage Loans in Tauranga? Consider Both Banks and Non-Banking Lenders for Your First Home, Refinance Goals or Investment

When it comes to shopping for a home loan, most mortgage advisors in Tauranga will point you towards major banking institutions. While banks are often the right choice for mortgage financing, though, they’re not the optimal choice for everybody. If you’re self-employed, live overseas or simply can’t show the proof of income or credit that banks want to see, then a non-banking lender might be the best bet for you.

Total Mortgages: Your Gateway to Both Traditional Banks and Non-Banking Lending Institutions

At Total Mortgages, we offer online home loans in Tauranga from a range of lenders. Our process starts with a free consultation and a universal mortgage loan application. You can fill this entire application out online, in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to go into banks, schedule appointments and meet with bankers who don’t understand your financial situation or are not receptive to your needs. With Total Mortgages, the entire process plays out in a more comfortable fashion.

Our system also makes it less likely that your loan application will be rejected for common reasons, such as lack of proof of income, poor credit, a foreign primary address or the like. These factors are often deal breakers for major banking institutions. Non-banking lenders, though, are often more welcoming to these types of borrowers and are willing to put together mortgage loan packages that make sense given such non-traditional circumstances.

For instance, if you’re a self-employed freelancer—a reality that’s getting more and more common in the modern ‘gig economy’—then you may not be able to show the kind of stable income that banks typically want to see. In the old days, this kind of obstacle might have been the end of the road in your quest to secure mortgage financing. However, by shopping your loan to non-traditional lenders, you would be surprised at the offers and rates that you might see.

If you’re looking for a mortgage broker for your first home in Tauranga, therefore, it’s important to look for one that will include non-banking lenders in their search. At Total Mortgages, we are that kind of broker. We have a panel of 16 lenders. This panel includes a mix of both major banks and non-traditional, non-banking lenders. We will shop your application around to each lender and come back to you with the best offers—whether they come from banks or non-banks.

Choose Total Mortgages as Your Homebuying or Refinance Mortgage Broker in Tauranga

At Total Mortgages, we’re happy to be your mortgage broker whether you’re buying a new home or refinancing an old one. We even play the role of a mortgage broker for investments in Tauranga. If you’re buying an investment property—whether to renovate and sell, to rent out to tenants or something else—we can help.

Regardless of your situation, you can count on us to shop the market and bring you back the best offers for your unique situation. Fill out our application today to get started.