Experts in non bank home loans, including no deposit, bad credit situations

If your bank says No because of lack of proof of income or credit issues, Total Mortgages can help you secure a mortgage through non bank lending – at a rate that will pleasantly surprise you.

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Non bank home loans come in all shapes and sizes

Non-bank lenders are most commonly characterised as building societies or credit unions, but they come in all shapes and sizes.

Also known as second-tier lenders, non bank lenders provide finance much like traditional registered banks such as ANZ, BNZ, Westpac, Cooperative Bank, Kiwibank, ASB, and others.

Where these non bank lenders differ is in flexibility. Traditional NZ banks are often strict about their lending criteria. By contrast, non-bank lenders are not bound by the same restrictions. It is more feasible for a non bank lender to approve a home loan to borrowers with a low deposit, no deposit or in bad credit scenarios.

If you are self-employed or you have an adverse credit history, then non-bank, second-tier lenders might be a good option for you.
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