Moving house and need a new house loan? Call Total Mortgages

Perhaps your family is growing. Maybe you are moving to a new suburb in Auckland. Or maybe it is time for a change somewhere else in NZ? Whatever the reason Total Mortgages can help with a mortgage approval on a new house loan produced quickly and stress free so you can get into the serious business of house hunting!

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Eight week countdown to moving day

8 weeks before

Begin researching moving companies. Get at least two quotes.

6 weeks before

Begin sorting through drawers, cabinets and closets and choose things you want to keep, sell, donate or give to friends. Consider the layout of your new home and the items of furniture you need to sell or buy to fit the space.

4 weeks before

Select a furniture mover from your shortlist and confirm the date. Make sure you get a quote, pick up times and other details in writing. Ask them about moving boxes and other packing materials. Start packing!

3 weeks before

Talk to your Mortgage Broker and Bank to confirm paperwork and ensure the handover details are completed and ready to go.

2 weeks before

Book in a thorough clean of your new home and your existing house (if you are not renting).

1 week before

Confirm date, time and details with your chosen moving company. Go to your new home and map out where everything will go in the kitchen. It’s easier to unpack when you know where you want to put everything.

1 day before

Get a set of keys from the real estate agent. Take essentials such as toilet paper, hand soap, rubbish bags, rubbish bins, shower curtains and toiletries to your new home. Also, take over valuables including jewellery, artwork and important paperwork.