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Interest Rates May Fall Further

The fact that NZ Dollar remained quite stable even during global financial crisis and recession around the world allowed RBNZ to keep interest rates high for a long time. This naturally attracted foreign investors who enjoyed high yield from banks in NZ and their money helped in boosting the housing sector.  RBNZ announced a reduction […]

August Update

Welcome to our August update, continuing on with our series of market commentary from one of New Zealand’s top financial journalists, Bernard Hickey. New Zealand’s economic outlook may have stumbled through August, but the outlook for property markets and interest rates remains positive as Auckland’s boom begins to spread and the Reserve Bank keeps cutting […]

Property And Mortgage Market

The property market in New Zealand is still growing at a reasonable if not high rate. Home values across New Zealand have generally recouped any losses they suffered between 2008 and 2010 in the last four years. The availability of housing across New Zealand has increased by 13,500 units per year and the sales of new and […]

Property Price Rise Gains Momentum

The strong upswing in the property prices in New Zealand, seen last year has slowed drastically in the recent few months. The asking value for properties and real estate has inflated by a mere 3.9 percent this year in comparison to healthy 8.7 percent, which was recorded last year. Only 6,608 house sales was recorded […]

‘Locking In’ Mortgage Rates: What Is the Catch?

A mortgage rate lock, also known as lock-in, is the lender’s approval to provide a home loan at a certain fixed interest rate for a certain amount of fee. This means that within the lock-in period, any fluctuations in the current market’s interest rate will not affect the rate at which you are getting your […]

Repayment Structures: What Kind of Loan is Best for you?

Nowadays, mortgages come in all shapes and sizes in New Zealand. However, there are certain features of a mortgage that remain the same across all types of mortgage schemes. Every mortgage rate will be associated with a particular kind of interest rate, a fixed or variable fee to be paid off in monthly, or quarterly […]